‚ÄčBelly Timber

30,000 years ago man formed into clans and began hunting for their survival.  One clan, the Kala lived in caves in the frozen wastelands in northern Mongolia.  The Kala survived for thousands of years hunting their fellow man. 


Over four thousand years ago the Kala left their caves and took to marauding and nomadism on horseback to hunt their prey. 

In the 12th century the Kala left Mongolia and traveled west following the Mongolian Horde across Asia and Europe; killing and feeding on the remains of the destroyed and conquered.

As the Mongolian Empire began to recede, the Kala traveled northwest into England and finally crossed the Atlantic in search of  new land and prey.

In the 1800's, ordinary people learned the secret of the Kala and undertook extraordinary measures to rid the earth of this evil.  This is their story.

It's not just a myth; it's a secret.......Belly Timber the movie

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